National Youth Sports Program

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In 2013, over 300 students participated in our program. We are happy to extend this opportunity to your school and students this year. The program will start on June 9, 2014 and ends July 11, 2014. NYSP is an academic and sports enrichment program that's open to all students that are ages 10-16. Our program serves as a positive alternative to violence, gangs, and drug abuse. Our program will focus on Positive Action (An Evidence Based Drug Prevention with Enrichment Components), Success Maker (Technology Literacy Program that focus on Math and Reading), STEM (Science Technology Math Engineering) Career Education, Health and Nutrition, Higher Education Topics, Mentoring, Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Diversity, Family Risks and Protective Factors, Dropouts and Individual and Team Sports (Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, Dance, Soccer, Flag Football and Volleyball).